PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 had a busy Mandela Day 2021.

After donating pet food to Save-a-Pet through our Side-by-Side project with Round Table Algoa 108 (please see our article entitled Side-by-Side to Save-a-Pet for more information) we proceeded to donate 67 soft toys with cleft scars to Cleft Friends, where they will be given to kids who undergo operations for cleft lip or palate.

When we were done with some teddy fun and photos, we took a drive to Meals on Wheels in Westering to donate some bags of fruit and vegetables we had purchased for them, only to find that they were closed.  We went back the next day (Monday 19 July) and handed the produce over.  This food will be used to make healthy, hearty meals for the less fortunate in the community.

PE Pearls LC19’s next stop was Sunridge Park to donate beanies, booties and baby socks to Caty Pieterse for BabyLoversBlessings.  Caty and her team make up care packages using some of these items of clothing etc and delivered to less fortunate mothers and their newborn babies.

We then moved onto Vistarus Mission Station in Sydenham, a safe haven for the homeless, people with addictions, abused women and children, and those affected by HIV/Aids; where they are assisted in their reintegration into society.  Here we donated some bits and bobs; including empty milk bottles, magazines and toilet rolls for recycling, as well as some crockery for use by the residents.

We ended an eventful day of charity with coffee at Chantal’s house.

Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who made donations towards these various causes possible, without you we would not be able to make a difference in so many lives.

For more information on the abovementioned organisations and how you can continue to make a difference, please follow these links:


Cleft Friends:

Smile Foundation:

Vistarus Mission Station: