Obstacle at Round Table Midrand 253 Annual Bed Race

In the spirit of side-by-side, Edenvale Ladies Circle 6 was asked to run one of the obstacle points at Round Table Midrand 253’ annual Bed Race at Zwartkops Race Track. We were given the 2nd last obstacle on the course and challenged the contestants with 5 push ups followed by eating 2 small fizzers before continuing on to complete the event. Although it may seem an easy task, it definitely was not as some found it extremely difficult to eat 2 small fizzers and swallow when your mouth is all dried up from the exercise of pushing a hospital bed around the race track.  Everyone had a great time, and the teams competing did not waver on exuberating team spirit and having fun on the day. The profits of the day were used to purchase and donate hospital beds to various homes and clinics desperately in need of them.