Potjiekos Competition

Lc19 & RT208 held our 3rd Annual Side-by-Side Potjiekos Competition on the 4th of November at Thornhill Hotel in Thornhill and yet again it was a great success. Working Side-by-Side is always great fun and I would like to encourage more Table & Circle Ventures between Clubs. As this is a joined venture, only half of the funds raised are allocated to Ladies Circle. At a Monthly Business meeting it was decided that our portion of the Charity funds raised with this fundraiser will be donated towards the Ladies Circle South Africa’s National Service Project – Project Dignity. Project Dignity’s aim is to reduce absenteeism and drop-out rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education with dignity, by raising humanitarian funds to donate packs of washable, re-usable panties and sanitary pads that can last up to five years.

Thank you once again to each and everyone that supported our Potjiekos Competition, be it by being a supporter, entered a pot, sponsored prizes or any which way. You helped make it a Huge Success! Thank you! We hope to see you at the next one.