President – Kenza Sbihi

My dearest South African sisters, warm greetings from sunny Morocco!

I am Kenza Sbihi, LCI President 2018/19, mostly a Circler since 2005, a proud Lady, mom of two boys and owner of a balloons company!!!!

Thanks to Ladies Circle I find my way to improve myself!!  Circlers Encourage me to be a better person, Empower me as women and teach me how to Enjoy life in friendship and service way!

I had the chance this year to lead this fantastic organization and my ambition was to share with all our sisterhood the vision of: Dream, Achieve and Inspire.

Dream:  Our dreams guide us, act as a compass and help us choose a path. Dreams give us Passion and Purpose.

Achieve: If you can dream it, you can do it!  Embrace your Magic: Live your dreams, Breathe them. Be that change you want.

Inspire: Your Dreams and achievements are the inspiration for a better world through them  you leave a little sparkle wherever you go!!!

My dream for you sisters, is that Ladies Circle International Colour your light, make you achieve the impossible and inspire all the women around the world.

With love!

Kenza Sbihi
LCI President 2018-2019