Round Table International challenged all clubs and members of the Round Table Family to participate in the Waste Challenge which took place from 1 September and continued until World Clean-up Day on 18 September 2021, because “There is no Planet B”.

Sonel, being the avid beach-goer, started this challenge off for PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19, collecting rubbish at Blue Horizon Bay where she lives, and carried on throughout the challenge.

PE Pearls LC19 invited the 3 local Tables and their families to join us for a Beach Clean-up at Maitlands Beach and Picnic on Saturday 18 September 2021.

We all met up around 08:00 at the beach parking lot with our black bags and got straight to it, disbursing ourselves in all directions to cover more ground.

We all ended up finding each other pretty quickly, probably craving the company, and had a good chat while we continued to walk the beach and surrounding bushy areas, picking up rubbish by the bag full. It is quite disturbing as to the amount of waste that gets left lying around, blown all over the place and into the sea itself.

Within the hour all our bags were full and collected into one spot. Paul from Round Table Algoa 108 was kind enough to offer to load all the bags onto his bakkie to dispose of for us.

When the rubbish was taken care of, we all gathered on the beach with our towels and packed food ready for a picnic brunch, coffee mugs in hand and kids in costumes in tow. Chantal got to work, brewing coffee for everyone on her gas braai, while we all tucked into an array of various finger foods. The kids of course weren’t bothered about food, but rather ran off to the water.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun.
Together we are definitely Stronger!
Side-by-Side… 5 Clubs 1 Vision