PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 started the year off with a bang on 20 January 2022!

We received a very generous and much appreciated donation of 198 1L units of milk from our fellow Circler, Maja Du Plessis and her family, that they had received from Gereformeerde Kerk.

Without hesitation, plans were put into play allowing us to give back and share a little of our “Milky Way Magic” with the underprivileged and the homeless people on our streets.

PE Pearls LC19 met up at Londt Park Sports Club where we did our first handover consisting of 60 units of Long Life Milk to the co-founder of God’s Project Greenbushes Settlement PE, Christelle Snyman. With the same vision at heart the donation was received with gratitude and distributed to an isolated, almost forgotten, less fortunate community, including the “Fur Babies” that form part of this settlement.

Our next stop was at Goue Jare Old Age Home, where we donated another 60 units of milk. Knowing it forms a huge part of their daily nutritional needs for the elderly, our hearts were filled with joy being able to assist.

We made our way down Cape Road towards Summerstrand and handed out the remaining units of milk to the homeless. On our short, but impactful journey, we realised that the fight for survival out there is way beyond what any one of us could ever comprehend.  We were overwhelmed with the gratifying yet touching reactions from the individuals that we interacted with, in amongst which we met a very talented gentlemen who shared his passion for drawing with us.

The thought of how something as simple as milk sparked an abundance of joy amongst those that don’t have this luxury everyday made us realise that the most simple things in life are often taken for granted and should be appreciated more.  It was most satisfying knowing that a small gesture made the world of a difference, even if it was just for one of the many nights that these human beings spend without shelter and hopeless.

We concluded our evening with a quick get together at the Londt Park Sport Club.