Slumber Party

After an emotional AGM hosted by Ladies Circle International on Saturday 29 August 2020, the ladies of PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 took some time to relax.  The ladies, including our latest “pipeliner” Chantelle Le Roux, congregated on the farm with our PJ’s and toothbrushes ready for some fun and games.

There were no pillow fights at this particular slumber party, but there was rather a lot of pizza involved, the overindulgence of which was followed by coffee and an absolutely hilarious and memorable game of 30 seconds, laughing until our tummies hurt! Did you know that Robin, from Batman and Robin fame is a clown with feelers, or that the road running through Storms River is Cape Road…. neither did we!  Now that was a great laugh, thank you!  And no, Robin is not a clown with feelers, nor does Cape Road run through Storms River!

We eventually composed ourselves and hit the hay before we could hit the floor (with laughter of course!)