Thuthuzela Care Centre

The harsh reality is that rape is unfortunately an every day occurrence in our country. We can only pray that it wouldn’t happen to ourselves and our loved ones. Sadly, sometimes it does. PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 felt that we wanted to make sure that the victims in our region feel a bit more loved and comforted when having to deal with such trauma.

The Thuthuzela Care Centre is where all the victims in the Nelson Mandela Bay area have to go after rape has occurred and where all the data and evidence gets collected for the police reports. We found out that a local church group already supply the Centre with Rape Care Packages, but unfortunatly didn’t have enough safe storage space for these Rape Care Packages and therefore sometimes victims are not able to get a Rape Care Package. PE Pearls LC19 took on the initiative and were able to hand over a lockable steel cabinet to the Thuthuzela Care Centre on the 17thof September ’18, ensuring that in future all traumatized victims will feel a bit more loved and comforted.