Wheelchair Wednesday

Finally PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 is officially part of APD PE – Association for the Physically Disabled Port Elizabeth’s project, Wheelchair Wednesday. Funds were raised by PE Pearls LC19 and the Dias Quilters Guild and it was decided to support this amazing initiative of APD PE.

On a cold and windy day, August 28th, the last “Roll Out” for 2019 happened at Spar Linton Grange and LC19 were part of it. Companies, organizations or individuals get involved by making their donation and then on the “Roll Out Day” a designated person have to spend four hours in a wheelchair. Together with a helper, the team has to then complete various tasks around town. For instance they would have to go to a shop to buy a few items, go withdraw money at an ATM, etc. This in turn also identifies areas where the premises or business owner gets contacted to work together towards making it more accessible for the physically disabled.

On September 18th, the life-changing event took place at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. After a report-back on the ground-breaking Wheelchair Wednesday 2019, the much anticipated handover of 180 wheelchairs were officially handed over to needy beneficiaries. Over the last 8 years, 1000 wheelchairs were donated through this initiative. This project serves four important purposes which are to raise awareness, give community support, improve accessibility and fundraising towards APD PE’s Job Creation Centre. Truly a worthy cause.

Want to get involved in 2020? Please contact Koomathie Nair on 076 781 5290 or visit https://apdnmb.org.za for more information.